Employment Advice

Service designed to resolve labor queries in order to achieve the best work management for your company. Comprehensive and personalized management.

Services (job counseling)

  • Registration of new company.
  • Opening Statement at Work Center.
  • Obtaining and Diligenciamiento of: Procedures Foreign Legalization.
  • Guestbook
        Enrollment Books
        Work Calendars
        Autonomous ups and downs
  • Preparation of Payroll and Social Insurance.
  • Manage Bonuses to Companies by Bonus Worker.
  • Manage: Retirement and Widowhood Pensions; Helps by child.
  • Intervention in labor inspections.
  • Preparation and presentation of labor resources and similar writings.
  • Representation before the TAMIB, Magistratura de Trabajo and social court.





If you wish, you can request information and budget without commitment of our services. We will contact you as soon as possible.


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