Farm Administration


We have a number of Professional Departments that are responsible for providing your Neighborhood Community or you as owner, Advice and Comprehensive Management.

Newly created communities

  • Acquisition and legalization of the book of records in the Property Registry.
  • Obtaining the CIF of the community.
  • Opening of the work center: hiring of employees and discharge in Social Security.
  • Opening the bank account with the best market conditions.
  • Hiring of maintenance companies and supplies.
  • Drafting of the Statutes and Rules of Internal Regime.
  • Preparation of initial budget. – Complaints to l
  • Developer, builder …

Community Administration

  • Preparation of annual budget and accounts with the requirements of L.P.H.
  • Integral preparation of receipts, domiciled.
  • Claim and follow up of the unpaid.
  • Delivery of monthly, quarterly or annual accounts.
  • Obtaining budgets for works, repairs with discounts for the community.
  • Monitoring and control of the same and the suppliers.
  • Preparation of the call for meetings.
  • Attendance at Ordinary and Extraordinary Meetings.
  • Drafting and sent, to all owners, the Minutes of the Meeting and transcription to the Book of Minutes.
  • Permanent information to the owners of the issues that affect them.
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