Legal Advice

Resolution of matters that have to do with the application of laws, regulations, and any other matter of the Law.

Services (Legal advice and defense in civil matters)

  • Procedures of dissolution of common thing, extinction of condominium, judicial division of patrimony.
  • Contractual breaches. Resolution or execution of contract and claim for damages.
  • Urban and rustic leases: resolution of all the conflicts that they can provoke.
  • Contracts: drafting and analysis of all types of contracts.
  • Processes on the capacity of the people: Incapacitaciones, curatelas, appointment of guardian and accountability.
  • Procedures on judicial authorization of sale.
  • Claims of quantity.
  • Claim of Civil Liability for damages derived from Accidents and Neglections.
  • Interdicts of new work, resumption of the successive tract, and imatrication of farms.
  • Domain Disclosures.
  • (Prescription of the domain).
  • Nullity of Contracts or Pacts.
  • Execution of real rights.
  • About actions of the Horizontal Property Law.
  • Domiciliary and best law firms.
  • Honorary rights, on the honor, privacy and own image, or guardianship of other fundamental rights.
  • Unfair competition, industrial property intellectual property and advertising.
  • General contracting conditions.
  • On retraction, reversion, easements.
  • Inheritance and Succession Law.

Advice and defense in administrative matters

  • Urban Affairs.
  • Expropriations in general (urgent, ordinary, valuation, fair prices, etc.).
  • Real administrative rights.
  • Corporate Administration (Professional Colleges).
  • Rights of consumers and users.
  • Transportation and Roads

Counseling and defense in criminal matters

  • Defense in criminal trials.
  • Defense in jury trials.
  • Defense in juvenile trials.
  • Assistance to the detainee before the Police and in the Courts.
  • Criminal accusation: complaints and complaints.
  • Private accusation and popular accusation.
  • Reform Resources and Appeal subsidiary.
  • Appeals to the various higher courts
  • Traffic accidents

Counseling and defense in the matter of Family Law.

  • Spousal Separation, Divorce and Civil Invalidity
  • Church nullity and other confessions
  • Unions of Fact
  • Economic and marriage regimes
  • Wills and inheritance proceedings
  • Filiation and emancipation
  • Right of the child


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